$100 Million in Bitcoin From Bitfinex Hack Has Moved

In letter

  • The Bitfinex exchange was hacked in 2016.
  • Sometimes the stolen bitcoin is moved, and today almost $ 100 million in value has been moved.
  • It is still not known who hacked the exchange.

Nearly $ 100 million worth of bitcoin stolen in the 2016 Bitfinex hack has just been removed from unused wallets.

Over 5,000 Bitcoin were touched on Monday from 14 wallets. Those $ 98.3 million worth of 5045.48 coins hadn’t been moved since the 2016 hack.

The Bitfinex exchange was hacked in 2016 due to an issue with the multi-signature wallets. Today, the stolen Bitcoin is worth more than $ 2.3 billion (Yes, you read that right.)

Today’s movement of stolen funds isn’t the first time some of the bitcoin jammed in the 2016 hack has been moved. About $ 5.6 million in August only stolen coins have been moved.

Moving Bitcoin from unused wallets also continues. Bitcoin, which hadn’t moved in years, is being transferred to other wallets – known as “awakening”.

Bitcoin is often a “Satoshi era” – which means that the coins were mined when the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, was still communicating with the crypto world.

But the previously dormant Bitcoin that moved today has a sadder story: The cryptocurrency stolen in the hack has still not been restored. Bitfinex even offered Up to $ 400 million as a reward for anyone who can put it in contact with the hackers.