3 generations of one family all caught coronavirus – and beat it

A family living in one multi-generational home has all beaten Covid-19.

Keri Rennison, 48, a social worker and licensed mental health professional in Grimsby, lives with her fiancé, Chris Westoby, 56, as well as her daughter, Rosie, 25, and her parents, Paul, 71, and Jackie, 72.

They were all forced to isolate themselves in their own rooms when each family member contracted a coronavirus, Hull Live reports.

Keri says that because she and Chris are key workers, they should have made it home, emphasizing that living in a multi-generational house during a lockdown has both a downside and an obvious advantage.

Chris, who works in food processing, had coughed for a few days and shortly afterwards Paul started to feel unwell.

Paul said, “Jackie and I had come home from the allotment and I wasn’t feeling very well.

“I cooked Sunday lunch, it was roast beef but my heart just wasn’t in it. I sat down to eat and said I didn’t want this – which I’m just not.

“I took myself to bed and couldn’t get it out for almost two weeks.”

While Paul struggled with the early stages of the virus, Keri and Chris continued to work, as they were both major employees.

Speaking of the living situation, when her parents moved to their home in Hull in 2013, Keri had no choice but to worry about the impact of their work on the household.

She said, “It is positive that we were able to lock up together, but the negative is that I or Chris myself introduced the virus as key people. The realization is that if we didn’t live this way, my dad might not have it.

Chris added, “The upside is that we were there to take care of him. If he was sick elsewhere and we couldn’t see him, it would have been terrible.”

But when Paul’s symptoms persisted, the family decided to completely isolate themselves, with Keri and Jackie taking turns testing his temperature.

However, on Thursday, April 9, he took a turn for the worse.

Jackie said, “We were doing these tests and thought that please don’t achieve this and please wouldn’t achieve it. It was so scary.

“If I had been alone, I would have been devastated because I didn’t know what to do, Keri took charge and she took care of everything.”

When the ambulance arrived, they decided that Paul should be taken to the hospital.

3 generations of one family all caught coronavirus - and beat it

Rosie said, “It was really scary. He didn’t say much, only” I’ll see you soon. “

“But how do you know at that moment that you will see someone again, because you hear that people go in and never come out again.

“He was a shell of the man he is – it really broke my heart.”

Jackie said, “It was terrible. I turned to Rosie and said “I’ll never see him again.”

“It still upsets me.”

Paul was given a coronavirus test, which came back positive, but luckily his condition was not bad enough to warrant an overnight stay in the Covid ward.

He was sent home, but the rest of the family soon developed coronavirus symptoms. As a key worker, Keri was able to get tested and the result came back positive, confirming that it had spread throughout the house.

Chris said, “It was terrible. I was better then and I asked people if I could do something or make things for them, but no one wanted anything. It was so strange, like I’ve never experienced before.”

3 generations of one family all caught coronavirus - and beat it

Speak with the BBCKeri said none of her family had any of the major symptoms of persistent cough and high fever.

She said, “It started with a loss of taste and sense of smell that has only just returned, but it is still very weak.”

“And then seven days later I had fatigue and headaches.

“My dad was actually the only one who had breathing problems, which was shortness of breath when he spoke.

“But as a family, we realized that we are very lucky to have only the symptoms mild and survive.

“We are especially grateful.”

As the family recovers from the stressful ordeal, the coronavirus has also affected the family in a different way, stopping Keri and Chris’ wedding.

3 generations of one family all caught coronavirus - and beat it

Keri said, “Chris and I are getting married on July 18 this year, which we have to postpone.

“At first I was so upset about it, but after all this, I don’t have that much trouble because it doesn’t change how we think about each other – it’s a celebration of ours. As much as we’re disappointed, it doesn’t matter.

“I put on my wedding dress and showed it to my dad. Rosie was like ‘why are you showing grandpa ?!’ and I had to pull her aside and explain that I didn’t think my dad would be there.

“There are so many people who have lost their loved ones and really been affected by this, so putting off our wedding is actually nothing. It doesn’t matter compared to what could have happened. ”


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