£420k Lambo seized by police investigating county lines drug dealing

A bright green £ 420,000 Lamborghini was one of three luxury cars seized by police investigating drug trafficking in the county lines.

Five suspects were arrested after raids on three homes and a business in South London yesterday morning.

Three sports cars were seized, including two Mercedes and the green Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

All five suspects were arrested on charges of conspiring to deliver class A drugs and taken to a Hampshire police station where they remain in custody.

The operation was part of a joint investigation by the Met police and the Hampshire police into a drug network in the province being constructed between the capital and Hampshire.

Specialized equipment was used by police to enter one address in Croydon, South London, as the entrance was secured with metal bars, Scotland Yard said.

Two houses and a commercial property in Croydon, along with one in Penge, south-east London, were raided by the specialist officers, police said.

Acting Inspector-Inspector Ant Jones, of the Specialist Crime Command of the Met Police, said drug trafficking and violence are linked.

He added, “Investigating and disrupting county line activity remains a priority for the Met. There is an inextricable link between the supply of drugs and violence.

“Officers continue to conduct intelligence-led operations, even under the current public health crisis, to dismantle and disrupt organized crime and to break the law.”

Hampshire Constabulary Chief Inspector Mark Lynch said drug trafficking took place in the county lines between London and rural communities, despite coronavirus restrictions.

He added, “The threat of drug trafficking in the county lines continues to pose a significant risk to vulnerable children and adults living in Hampshire, despite the country’s current Covid-19 restrictions.

“Rest assured, despite the operational challenges posed by the pandemic to us and other frontline services, tackling organized crime in all its different guises remains our primary focus and continues to disrupt operations to target criminals trying to take advantage of drug trafficking.

“Not only will we prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law, but we will also strive to maximize every opportunity to deprive them of their illicit benefits.

“The sad reality is that vulnerable youth are often targeted, pressured by either threats or false promises of money and designer property, while those criminals who actually regard children as nothing more than a disposable item must be used and abused until they no longer do they need them. The added dimension of Covid-19 simply represents yet another serious health risk to those young people and those they interact with.

“By working effectively with the broader Hampshire and Isle of Wight partnerships, we not only want to help those who need help right now, but also prevent other children from getting entangled in this emotional and horrifying area of ​​the future. modern crime. . ‘