70million pints of beer to be poured away in the UK

New research suggests up to 70 million pints of beer from pubs should be destroyed after closing due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The pubs will be closed on March 20 and will reopen on July 4 at the earliest, according to the government’s recently published roadmap.

That period will mean that much of the beer kept in the pubs will be tainted by the time they reopen, the British Beer & Pub Association said.

The trading body said it was heartbreaking to see so much British beer pouring away.

Some unsaleable beer has been used as feed for anaerobic digesters to create organic manure for agriculture, and reused as animal feed.

Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said, “It is a great pity that so much great British beer that should have been enjoyed in community cafes across the country has been lost.

“People don’t have a chance to drink it, because it goes off before the pubs can open again.

“While the good news is that some of the beer can be reused to help other sectors affected by Covid-19, such as agriculture, it is still sad that people cannot enjoy this beer.

“The need to destroy so much beer really shows how much our brewing and pub sectors have been affected by this crisis.

“We believe that pubs should only be opened if it is safe, but without extra support now – especially for those who cannot reopen earlier – many more pubs in our country and the brewers who supply them with beer will struggle to survive closure and beyond. The government must give our sector much more support. ‘


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