A New Way to Make Your Bitcoin Skyrocket in Value

Disclaimer: The following is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

Bitcoin is killing it right now. It has almost reached the previous ATH and shows no signs of slowing down. Long term.

So what should you do with your bitcoin? HODL, looking to the future? Do you hold it for a short while until it goes higher? Sell ​​now so you don’t miss your chance before the price drops?

All of these are great options. While you can certainly make a decent profit selling your coins, there is a way you can make even more from your Bitcoin. You can make a high, constant profit every day over the long term without your money lying idle and without taking the risk that comes with trading on the highly volatile crypto exchanges.

As? The answer is simple: crypto arbitrage, which is now widely recognized as one of the lowest risk forms of investment.

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In crypto arbitrage, an automated algorithmic trading system is used to exploit temporary price differences between exchanges. Due to inefficiencies in crypto market prices, a single currency can be available simultaneously at exactly different prices for a short time. Crypto arbitrage systems take advantage of this short window of time by buying the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest and then immediately selling it on the exchange where the price is highest and making a profit on the spread before the window closes as the market adjusts to close the price discrepancy.

If the risk is lower, will I earn less?

Not at all. While lower risk forms of investment tend to offer lower returns in general, crypto arbitrage is unique. Indeed, one of the largest crypto arbitrage companies, ArbiSmart, offers Profits that reach up to 45% per yearDepending on the size of your deposit, you reduce your risk to almost zero at the same time.

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ArbiSmart guarantees monthly and yearly profits with the exact return on investment reported on the company’s accounting page. As soon as a customer logs on to the platform, their funds are automatically converted into RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token, the value of which has increased by over 160% since it was launched early last year. Then the automated algorithm takes over to identify and exploit crypto arbitrage opportunities while you get on with other things. Although RBIS is the platform currency used for trading, profits can be withdrawn in euros at any time.

So in a year …

Now let’s say you invest 60,000, in one year you have invested 20,000 in passive profits. It should also be noted that, based on its current development, with the company’s continued growth, the RBIS token is expected to appreciate 3,000% in value through the end of next year. This means that you can generate additional profits in the form of generous capital gains.

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How legitimate is the company?

ArbiSmart is EU licensed The regulatory requirements ensure a transparent, trustworthy trading environment characterized by strict data security measures, strict government oversight, full insurance coverage for customer capital and strict identification protocols that give you peace of mind to invest.

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The company has a great online reputation on social media and customer review sites like Trustpilot, where it has a rating of 4.4 / 5. The industry press has consistently received positive coverage of their reliability with regard to guaranteed profits, instant payouts, and availability and accountability. The support team is available 24/7 through multiple channels, including chat. E-mail, telegram, delivery boy, Twitter, Phone, WhatsApp and more.

ArbiSmart offers a way to take a long-term perspective with your Bitcoin, to achieve a solid, stable passive annual income and at the same time to benefit from the current market price increase through your investment.

Why should you leave your Bitcoin there and do nothing, while doing so could make you up to 45% a year? Try Crypto Arbitrage Today!