Aave’s Second Version, New Bitcoin Mining Pool in North America + More News

Bitcoin mining rigs. Source: Adobe / amixstudio

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DeFi news

  • Decentralized financial platform (DeFi) Aave Has announced Today Aave V2 is live on the mainnet. The new version offers the possibility to trade against free assets that serve as collateral. the ability for users to close out their loan positions by paying directly with their collateral in one transaction; and upgrades to flash loans, including major changes. The announcement added that the Aave Protocol reached a major milestone this week with $ 1 billion in flash loans. Due to the 0.09% charge on flash loans, another $ 906,000 has been created for depositor rewards since V1 launched earlier this year.

Mining News

  • titanium, a company that provides software and services for Bitcoin mining (BTC), announced the press release described as “the first corporate bitcoin mining pool in North America dedicated to pioneering the region’s presence and impact on bitcoin mining”. Two of the greatest miners in the US – CoinMint and Core Scientific – announced that they are supporting Titan’s North American mining pool and are its first ever partners. The Titan Pool open beta will begin in mid-January 2021, while the full launch will follow soon after, the company said.

Business news

  • bravery, a Switzerland-based issuer of Exchange Traded Products (ETP) announced the introduction of Bitcoin Zero, a Bitcoin (BTC) ETP with no management fees. The product is available in euros and Swedish krona. Bitcoin Zero starts trading in Stockholm Nordic growth market Exchange today, and it can be traded through any broker or financial institution with access to the exchange.
  • The provider of digital asset data CryptoCompare said it launched an index that measures Bitcoin’s implied volatility (BTC) over a period of 30 days in the future. The company uses technology that enables it to measure opinions on BTC volatility that are “held by sophisticated bitcoin options traders,” and was developed in partnership with the company University of SussexBusiness school. Named as the Bitcoin Volatility Index, the tool – said Its masterminds – is reportedly “the first strictly constructed index suitable as a settlement price for Bitcoin volatility futures”.

Detective news

  • US crypto intelligence CipherTrace On December 2, they announced that within 24 hours they had seen a surge in warnings and comments within the online cryptocurrency community regarding user funds being stolen via a phishing attack using Chrome browser extensions that pretended to be a cryptocurrency wallet and browser extension outputs MetaMask. The page for the phishing site reflects the actual MetaMask site quite well saidand added that they notified and contacted MetaMask to remove the malicious browser extension.

Regulatory News

  • Australian lawmakers have voted strongly in favor of a move to abolish a controversial measure that would limit the amount of cash that can legally be used for transactions to A $ 10,000 (around $ 7,430). The proposed measure was taken on the recommendation of a government-led black economy task force in 2017 to fight organized crime and tax avoidance. A One Nation bill attempting to get rid of the bill was unanimously supported by the Senators.Per The Sydney Morning Herald) that Canberra would not attempt to revive the bill that was now “dead, dead and dead”.

Investment news

  • The New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) has raised $ 150 million from two new institutional-focused bitcoin funds. Per a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report from the end of November and Another As of December 1, NYDIG Digital Assets Fund I and Fund II raised $ 50 million and $ 100 million, respectively. They are mutual funds, which means that a number of investors are involved in both. Ben Loski, the former New York State Department of Financial Services Employees credited with founding New York’s BitLiscence crypto trading authorization system are widely recognized as key decision makers at NYDIG.

Ethereum news

  • Big crypto exchange octopus said In cooperation with, donations of USD 150,000 are made available for Ethereum (ETH) open source projects Gitcoin, an Ethereum-based platform for fundraising. Kraken awards grants exclusively in Gitcoin’s Ethereum Infrastructure Tech category, intended to reward developers who create the most important software on the blockchain. The grants are Kraken’s first donation to an Ethereum project.