Abandoned ghost resort and 'millionaire's playground' to reopen after 46 years

An abandoned resort in Cyprus dubbed the “Millionaire’s Playground” is set to reopen despite controversy in the former tourist hotspot.

The resort which is a part of Northern Cyprus in Varosha played host to an array of celebrities and will reopen, according to local politicians.

It was closed down in 1974 when Turkey invaded Cyprus forcing 45,000 residents to flee.

Celebrities who attended the resort included Elizabeth Taylor and Sofia Loren.

However, since its closure 46-years-ago, the region has been classed as a no man’s land between the armies of Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey, reports Ladbible.

The controversy began in 1983 when the Turkish government in the area declared autonomy and founded the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

However, this is only recognised by Turkey.

United Nations officially believes the resort is occupied territory within the Republic of Cyprus.


But the government and Prime Minister of TRNC wants to open the doors of the region to tourists despite the controversy.

Ersin Tatar told state broadcaster TRT: “At this point, we are close to the point of starting the reopening process.”

“The tide has changed and a new page has been turned.”

Another controversy is that a UN resolution states only former residents of the region can repopulate the area.


In addition to this, the Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades stated any attempt to reopen open the city under the Turkish government will be “completely unacceptable.”

The Vice President of Turkey, Fuat Oktay, has previously said: “There is, unfortunately, an abandoned area here as well as rotting buildings.

“Our hope is that Varosha is revived in a way that will revitalise the economic, trade and social life here.”