ABEY Chief Scientist Highlights the Future Of Crypto At Future Blockchain Summit Dubai

The last time Bitcoin hit $ 20,000, the network was so congested that slow transactions dampened the excitement about the cryptocurrency industry and collapsed the hype and ratings it sparked.

A similar situation occurred at Ethereum in the summer, where the gas fees for using the smart contract platform became outrageously expensive due to the congestion on the network. And with Bitcoin starting another bull run every day, chances are the cryptocurrency is destined for the same fate, considering how little progress has been made in speed or cost savings since the last peak.

Solving the persistent throughput problems with crypto will soon be the focus of a speech at the upcoming Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai. Here’s everything you need to know about the ABEY token, why it’s taking the mainstream crypto market by storm, and why Dr. Ciprian Pungila is an imminent moment in the blockchain industry.

Scaling issues from the last Crypto Peak remain, but the change is here

Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies are fueled by speculation, and while there is no denying that the technology has incredible potential and how powerful the impact of blockchain can be, the current transactions per second that these massive cryptocurrency networks can process compares to giants like VISA and MasterCard.

So if Bitcoin and Ethereum are slow and clunky and don’t scale well, the chances are they’ll actually take the current bearers of the financial crown off the ground. Since then, even the bitcoin mass has turned to the value-added business and the user base has chosen to ignore its use as a business and e-commerce solution for the future.

These cryptocurrencies are prone to becoming the next MySpace in the world of Facebook and Twitter. However, a solution to the problems of these top assets could soon be common knowledge as the ABEY token increases in price and momentum and the token’s co-founder, Dr. Ciprian Pungila, will take the stage at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai on December 6-9.

Dr. Ciprian Pungila presents the ABEY roadmap and reviews key blockchain breakthroughs

The ABEY Foundation’s co-founder and chief scientist will give a speech on the future of finance: ABEY – a business-scale blockchain solution with unique and rare features in the crypto world.

Alexe Spataru, research assistant at ABEY, will become Dr. Assisting Ciprian Pungila with a presentation explaining the key features that set ABEY apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum. An updated roadmap for the token and the self-sustaining ecosystem will also be a key focus of the speech.

ABEY is an innovative token for the crypto industry capable of processing thousands of transactions per second on an equal footing and beating even large centralized payment companies. And unlike most cryptocurrencies, ABEY allows for refunds – a first for the crypto market that makes it even more ideal for the massive, global e-commerce industry.

In principle, ABEY shows rapid acceptance and distribution of user wallets and has already reached a milestone of 100,000 unique wallets. Early adopters, realizing ABEY’s potential, helped increase the value of the token organically from the initial mining price of $ 0.001 per coin to over $ 1 each in the past few days.

ABEY stands for Advanced Blockchain for Enhanced Yields. To learn more, visit abey.org. Also read the groundbreaking presentation by Dr. Ciprian Pungila on the future of the crypto industry, taking place this weekend December 6-9.