Adorable puppy with rare condition wobbles when he gets excited

This precious puppy has a rare condition that causes him to wobble when he walks and runs.

The dog, called Chip, is a 10-week-old mix of Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Boxer, Collie, and St. Bernard.

He suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which affects the part of his brain that controls motor skills.

But Chip won’t let the condition hold him back, and he’s regularly out running and playing.

Owner Sadie Reid even has a special wheelchair to help him walk.

But Chip’s first attempt at using it didn’t quite go to plan – and he ended up flopping on his side with the wheelchair in tow.

Biologist Sadie, who lives with her dog in Maryland, the US, said: “Chip has been diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

“In short, the part of his brain for motor control and a few other things isn’t quite right, but he doesn’t know any different.

“Dogs with CH typically live normal lives, they just wobble. Unfortunately, Chip is also completely deaf.

“My entire family knows Chip as ‘baby shark’. His wobbles don’t slow him down, and he has a super confident and positive personality.

Adorable puppy with rare condition wobbles when he gets excited

“Chip and I learn together every day, there’s always new challenges but he manages to find hilarious solutions.

“Chip sleeps the majority of the day, so any chance to see him run just melts me. His sweet, happy face can light up a room.”

Earlier this month, two puppies were revived with CPR after almost drowning.

The frail pooches were found in a small pool of water near a construction site in Trang, southern Thailand on June 3.

Adorable puppy with rare condition wobbles when he gets excited

A stray mother dog who had already picked one of her litter from the water then returned and sat by the edge, sparking concern from nearby builders.

The workers went over pulled two more puppies out of a 23-inch deep pool and found that they were already unconscious, so they began chest compressions on both of the tiny animals.

Footage shows the puppies spluttering back to life after several minutes.


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