Airport chaos as passengers 'blocked from leaving before they do Covid-19 test'

Chaos ensued at a Chinese airport after thousands of people were reportedly ordered to undergo coronavirus tests.

Video shows people clashing with personnel at Pudong Airport in Shanghai after a number of cargo workers were found to have the virus.

Passengers were not allowed to leave amid reports of massive testing and quarantine being introduced.

Workers in hazmat suits tried to drive large crowds to a testing area – but many had other ideas and paused for freedom.

Nearly 300 flights to the airport were canceled last night, Global Times reports, while authorities tried to prevent new cases from breaking out.

An underground parking garage was used to conduct nucleic acid tests, with staff in protective gear clasping their arms while trying to prevent crowds from leaving.

It led to violent collisions, in which the atmosphere was described as “boiling hot”.

Witnesses claim that airport-wide testing would be introduced, although officials in China have not confirmed this.

A passenger posted on Twitter: “Sudden announcement of massive Covid testing and containment.

Airport chaos as passengers 'blocked from leaving before they do Covid-19 test'

“The atmosphere is very hot.

“Rumor has it, however, that they canceled the mandatory mass test for fear of unrest.”

Clips taken at the airport show that thousands of passengers appear to be tied up trying to advance.

Some are able to escape up a slope for fear of being forced into quarantine.

Political artist Badiucao posted on Twitter: “It is reported that after two COVID-19 positive cases at Shanghai Pudong Airport, about 14,000 people are now to be quarantined.”

Airport chaos as passengers 'blocked from leaving before they do Covid-19 test'

The official Chinese news agency Xinhua claims that more than 17,000 people were cleaned after seven airport employees tested positive for the virus.

At the time of the last update, more than 11,500 people had tested negative, and thousands more results were being processed.


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