Airport issues strict travel guidelines for passengers when flights resume
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Airport issues strict travel guidelines for passengers when flights resume

A set of Coronavirus guidelines for passengers on flights that will resume from many UK airports in the coming days.

Quarantine-free travel between Great Britain and some countries could be introduced by the end of this month if the infection rate at home and abroad is low enough.

The government is considering considering so-called ‘airlifts’ to enable people to travel without having to be self-insulating for two weeks on their return.

The strict guidelines have been drawn up by Newcastle International Airport prior to resuming flights next week, but similar curbs are expected to be operated by other airports as well, ChronicleLive reports.

“This was a very challenging period for aviation, so it is nice that we are now taking careful and carefully planned steps forward,” said Nick Jones, Chief Executive of Newcastle International Airport.

“We continue to work with the government, our airlines and other business partners to ensure that our customers and employees are as safe as possible.”

Under current plans, all international arrivals – except those who fulfill a limited number of specified roles – should be quarantined from Monday 14 days.

The plan has been heavily criticized by travel and hospitality companies and it is believed that ministers are considering introducing airlifts when the policy is revised three weeks after its entry into force.

The quarantine plan is being discussed today (Tuesday) by MPs.

10 rules have now been announced for all passengers to follow in order to fly and are expected to be reflected by airports across the country.

  1. Anyone who shows COVID-19 symptoms or has a member of their household self-insulating should not come to the airport
  2. Only parking garages without human contact points will be in use
  3. A trial will be conducted with temperature testing technology
  4. Face masks must be worn in the terminal building
  5. Only passengers and personnel enter the terminal
  6. Intensive cleaning and hygiene regime throughout the building
  7. Where possible, social distance of two meters is enforced
  8. Initially, there are no shops or restaurants in operation
  9. Covid-19 prevention training for all customer-oriented employees
  10. Specific measures to ensure the safety of all personnel

The airport expects to publish government guidelines for aviation in the near future and will update all measures in accordance with this information.


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