Aldi warning shoppers to be aware of free £250 voucher scam

The cheap supermarket Aldi has warned customers to be aware of a trick designed to steal customers’ personal information.

The store issued a statement following incidents of the scam in which fraudsters sent a fraudulent social media message to obtain the confidential information.

Criminals promised to provide free coupons in exchange for personal information on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and email Reports from Manchester Evening News.

The fraudulent reports claim that free £ 250 vouchers are distributed via a special Aldi link.

Victims are told they can get a ‘free Aldi coupon’ by visiting a seemingly innocent Aldi page and then providing their personal details.

Aldi told it Mirror it currently does not enter a £ 250 coupon promotion in a warning to shoppers.

An Aldi spokesperson said, “The vouchers distributed online are fraudulent. We recommend that customers ignore these ads and not share personal information. “

The supermarket has given customers various tips to prevent scams.

They are:

When you receive one of the vouchers, there are some telltale signs to watch out for – such as how you are addressed and poor grammar.

First of all, check for spelling and punctuation errors. Second, supermarkets are unlikely to ask you to share detailed personal information with them, so treat such a request with suspicion.

Finally, and most importantly, is the concept itself. Imagine the huge cost of Aldi giving everyone £ 250 in free shopping.