All you need to know as car ploughs into pedestrians killing at least two people

“Several dead and injured in the center of Trier”

Witnesses described a gruesome scene when a Range Rover “deliberately” collided with people – flying them and a baby car into the air – as it raced through a pedestrian area at an estimated speed of 40 mph.

The driver of the car has been arrested, police in the city of Trier said when police urged people to stay away from the area.

The local police and mayor, Wolfram Leibe, confirmed that two people were killed. Mr Leibe said that 10 people were injured in the “rampage”.

Photos posted online show a body covered in tarpaulin on a pedestrian street decorated with Christmas lights, while a video clip shows an injured man on the floor next to a shop as witnesses called for help.

A police spokesperson from Trier tweeted: “We arrested one person and secured a vehicle.

“According to the first investigation, two people died. Keep avoiding the city center. “