Amanda Knox trolled hard for insensitive election tweet

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Knox – who was an exchange student in Italy – was convicted and spent close to four years in jail for being linked to the murder of roommate Meredith Kercher. In 2015, Knox was acquitted of the crime by Italy’s Supreme Court.

Playing off the controversy from her time in Italy, Foxy Knoxy thought it was appropriate to joke about it while chiming about the possible election outcome.

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Of course, the tweet – which garnered 27,000 likes and 24,900 retweets – didn’t sit too well with the Twitterverse, who responded negatively at the insensitive election joke.

“I imagine it was a lot worse for Meredith,” one person tweeted, referring to the murder victim.

“I’m sure the family of the murdered girl appreciate you finding the funny side…” another weighed in.

“Wow! What a disgusting way to try & stay relevant. Especially when you made so much noise about “putting it behind you” and “moving on”, but here YOU are, reminding the World. Sickening!” another tweeted.

Knox – who now works in broadcasting – was the subject of a Netflix documentary that told the story from both sides of the murder case. In the self-titled 2016 documentary, Knox talked about the ordeal and how public opinion was divided.

Knox has yet to respond to her controversial tweet.

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