Amazing cockpit clip shows Russian military aircraft pop flares in formation

Russia has flexed its military might with an incredible aerial display using a fleet of military transport aircraft during the celebration of Paratroopers’ Day.

An incredible cockpit video inside three Ilyushin IL-76MD shows aircraft flying in formation.

The pilots then fire rounds of flares above Migalovo, an air field in the Tver oblast, northwest of the capital city of Moscow.

The four-engine plane blasts rapid shots of flares from under the wings as another aircraft follows at close distance.

A long trail of smoke emerged from the flares, forming a fan-shaped display in mid-air.

Paratroopers then drop, and the carriage of troop forces and combat material with crews and armaments.

This includes medium-sized battle tanks, cargo airlifting for troop forces and transport for disaster relief operations.

The military display was to praise the paratroopers, also the Airborne Forces’, impeccable skills and loyalty.

It is an annual celebration in Russia on August 2. This year, the elite branch marks the 90th anniversary.

According to Sputnik News, president Vladimir Putin congratulated the troop with a message: “You are rightfully proud of the glorious history of the legendary ‘winged infantry’ and the Names of its founding fathers.

The Paratroopers' Day celebration took place at the air base in the Tver Oblast

“Importantly, the current generation of soldiers and officers carries on with dignity the established military and patriotic traditions, holds sacred the laws of military brotherhood, and shows impeccable skills and loyalty to the Oath and the Fatherland in the most challenging emergency situations.”

He also expressed special gratitude to the paratrooper heroes and veterans of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.


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