An Ice-Cold “Storm” Is About to Hit Ethereum Buyers: Two Factors to Watch

Bitcoin’s rally in the past month has been impressive. But even more is that of Ethereum.

The second largest cryptocurrency has risen by more than 13% in the last 30 days data from In the same time frame, Bitcoin fell 4% while some altcoins such as XRP and BSV fell nearly 10%.

ETH’s ability to outperform the rest of the cryptocurrency market has confirmed to some analysts that there is more benefit in the making. An analyst recently wrote about the asset’s ability to stay above key support levels:

Still, a prominent analyst fears a “storm” is on the way for Ethereum, citing two technical factors that indicate an imminent trend reversal.

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Ethereum buyers will hit a “storm” soon

A prominent cryptocurrency trader recently said that Ethereum investors should not “ cry when the storm strikes, ” referring to the chart below.

The graph shows that ETH prints two key signs that it wants to reverse lower: 1) the TD sequential indicator is on a “9” candle, usually seen in trend reversals (look at the red candles in the table below); and 2) the price was declined on a downward trend.

Expectations for the Ethereum market were disadvantageous repeated by another trader who shared the chart below.

It shows that when Bitcoin was rejected for $ 10,400 this week, ETH saw an equally bearish rejection of the crucial USD 250 resistance.

The rejection for the highest altcoin came in well as the price hit a downward trend that has limited rallies in the past year, suggesting a 30% drop to $ 150 could soon come.

Ethereum price chart

Macro ETH price chart shared by an analyst nicknamed “Moe” (@moe_mentum_ on Twitter). The chart shows that the cryptocurrency was turned down on a critical downward trend, suggesting more downside is possible.

Basics still prefer ETH Bulls

While the technicals are showing a short-term reversal towards the $ 100, Ethereum’s long-term fundamentals are still in favor of bulls.

Spencer Noon of DTCC Capital recently shared that Ethereum is growing with 10 on-chain signals as a blockchain network. Higher use of the network should be associated with higher ETH prices.

Some of the 10 signals are in the afternoon identified are as follows: the number of daily active ETH addresses has peaked in two years, the value of network-based stablecoins has exceeded $ 7 billion, and Ethereum miners are collecting ~ $ 400,000 in fees per day.

Decentralized financing growth also indicates more upward momentum.

As previously reported by NewsBTC, data site DeFi Pulse found that the amount of value locked in blockchain financing applications for the second time ever approaches nearly $ 1 billion. Analysts expect decentralized financing to be one of the biggest catalysts of Ethereum for further growth.

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A Ice-Cold "Storm" Is About to Hit Ethereum Buyers: Two Factors to Watch

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