An Urban Exodus Could Move the Suburbs to the Left, Not the Right
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An Urban Exodus Could Move the Suburbs to the Left, Not the Right

I think Kyle Smith’s post below on ‘Suicide of the Cities’ is very clever, and a warning that urban leaders should pay close attention. The corona virus and the associated quarantine policy and lockdowns were already overturning the scale against city life in the eyes of some large city residents. A feeling that the police or prosecutors either are unable or unwilling keeping order on the street will stimulate a new, even greater exodus.

The only mitigating factor in the portrait that Kyle paints is that urban progressives moving to the suburbs or country, driven by anger at the problems of city life, don’t always change their voting behavior. Ask old New Hampshire residents about the Massachusetts transplants, old Virginia residents about the overflow in the northern suburbs of Washington, D.C., or old Western state residents about the new California transplants. Many red state conservatives have gone up in smoke when newcomers complain of high taxes, soft-on-crime policies and maddening bureaucracy and stupid rules where they used to live. . . and then vote for candidates who again share the same worldview.

Kyle concludes, “The protesters and rioters are going to recreate the cities in their own image. And it will be disastrous for those cities. “Indeed, but those who leave the cities are likely to try to reshape their new communities in the image of their old ones. These transplants will not completely change the political currents in their new communities, at least not for a while. But one of The maddening aspects of modern public policy are that hard lessons need to be learned every few decades as citizens forget which policies have solved the problems and which have caused them.

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