Army of 10,000 ducks deployed to devour pests in fields in amazing drone footage

Amazing footage has shown 10,000 ducks being unleashed on rice fields in Thailand to devour pests hiding in the stubble.

The video shows a sea of the birds being let out of a pen to roam a field in Nakhon Pathom.

They instinctively stream towards the flooded fields to eat the pests.

Raising ducks in rice-growing areas in such a way has long been a tradition in the area and other parts of the region.

Thais call it “ped lai thoong”, which means “field chasing ducks”.

The Khaki Campbell ducks are brought to the rice fields after 20 days in nursery and are raised on the move for the next few months.

“The benefit [for the breeder] is that we reduce costs to feed the ducks,” said Apiwat Chalermklin, 34, a breeder who took over the business from his father.

“And in return, for the rice farmers the ducks help eat pests from the farm and the farmers can reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides.”

Apiwat has four flocks of ducks that move around different rice fields in the province where farmers typically cultivate three rice crops every year.

“They help eat golden apple snails and the remains of unwanted rice husks that remain in the field from the last harvest. The ducks also step on the rice stubble to flatten the ground and that makes it easier to plough,” said rice farmer Prang Sipipat.

The ducks instinctively head to the flooded fields

Since the video was shared online, thousands of people have flooded to the comments section to voice their amazement at the sight.

“I, for one, welcome our new Duck Army Overlords,” one joked.

Another admitted: “Thought I was watching a scene of Game of Thrones.”

While a third said: “I thought walking dead at first.”