Army vet, 68, takes on thief twice his size 'stealing car batteries' – and wins

A pensioner and former army veteran has been filmed dealing some instant karma on a thief who seemed to be to stealing rechargeable batteries from electric cars in China.

Retired soldier Zhu Xiuqian was on his way home after his volunteering work in the local community of Pubei village, in the city of Lianyungang, Jiangsu province last week.

Security camera footage captures the suspect, who covers his face in a white helmet, moving back and forth between his scooter and a white vehicle. He appears to start disassembling the batteries and stashes them on the back of his own vehicle.

Xiuqian comes across and walks up to the man, who weighs about 200lbs, and notices some stolen batteries inside the man’s scooter.

He confronts the suspect, who is twice his size, and grabs him by the shirt collar in an attempt to take him to the local authorities.

Xiuqian drags him towards the front gate before the pair begin tussling and the would-be thief’s helmet is knocked off.

He subdued the suspect and handed him to the police

The heroic army vet prevails when local police arrive and take the suspect, surnamed Fan, away.

Fan is also known as a “serial thief” to the officers, according to local reports.

The former soldier recalled the moment with local media, saying: “When I returned from my patrol, I noticed someone inside. There shouldn’t have been anyone inside at that hour.

“I noticed his three-wheeled electric vehicle with a plastic sheet on it. There were four batteries concealed underneath.

“I knew they had likely been stolen from nearby vehicles.”

The pensioner also claimed the suspect tried to bribe him with 2,000 RMB (£226) and begged to let him go.

“I said ‘I’m not taking your money, I’m handing you in to the police’,” Xiuqian added.

Fan remains in custody and is to be charged with attempted theft.

According to reports, the pensioner worked for the Chinese military in Beijing between 1972 and 1980 and was responsible for embassy security.