Arrests and ‘mayhem’ as huge crowds gather outside Harrods

Hundreds of people gathered outside Harrods in London’s West End on Saturday, with some onlookers complaining they didn’t wear masks or social aloofness.

Police said four people were arrested when a large crowd tried to enter the famous department store.

The Metropolitan Police said it was called to the store on Brompton Road around 1:00 pm with “reports of a large group of people entering a store.”

“Four men were arrested in total – two for violation, one for violation of the Covid regulations and another for a public order violation and a violation of the Covid regulations,” police said.

However, the police were present when hundreds of people again gathered outside the Knightsbridge shop later in the day.

Harrods did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A Harrods employee, who asked not to be named, told me MyLondon : “There were too many people in the store at the same time that everyone was eager to go out for the Christmas rush.

“The police were called to take people away and people in the crowd were throwing coffee.”

They said an employee was pushed because she told a woman to wear a mask and someone else was pushed to the floor.

In scenes resembling New Year’s Eve celebrations, some people were seen dancing to buskers on Oxford Street in London while holding alcoholic drinks.

Similar images showed large numbers of people gathering in Covent Garden, while crowds could also be seen at a Christmas market in Nottingham, sparking criticism from local residents.

After photos seemed to show some people were densely packed, a Twitter user wrote, “Where was the space for the face of the hands in Nottingham Christmas Market yesterday?

Another wrote: “Armed police were on hand to protect the crowd from a terrorist attack. But no one is protecting Nottingham’s hospitals from an increase in Covid patients. Make sure this event is closed. “

The Mellors Group, which organized the market, said it had decided to temporarily close the event on Sunday “in light of unprecedented numbers of visitors nationwide for national retailers.”

It said in a statement: “The accumulated demand for a supply in the city center has been much higher than normal and we think this is the most appropriate way forward.

“This allows us to monitor visitor numbers in the city center today and ensure that our activities support residents and local businesses in an appropriate way.”