Arsonist set fire to Merc at station before going inside to finish dinner
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Arsonist set fire to Merc at station before going inside to finish dinner

Police are chasing an arsonist who sets fire to a car outside a station in Railwau – before he goes back in and finishes his DINNER.

Shocking camera footage released today (Mon) showed the moment when a Mercedes-Benz exploded as a result of the fire.

Officers believe that a man captured on CCTV image may have information that may assist in their investigation and would like to speak to him.

After the incident, which took place on April 4, a manhunt was carried out by the British transport police.

Police officers said a man in Oxford Parkway got off a train and was led by a security guard to a nearby bus stop.

Then he walked through the parking lot where he smashed the windows of a rock vehicle – before climbing in and lighting a fire.

The guard noticed the fire and called the fire department.

Firefighters arrived shortly after and handled the fire, even though the vehicle was completely gutted.

The guard then returned to the station after the incident – where he found the same man and then had dinner at his desk.

Then he was expelled from the station.


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