Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's Christmas Dinner prices compared

An online price-tracking website has checked 18 of the most popular Christmas dinner staples currently on sale at seven of the major UK supermarkets for the second year in a row to determine the most budget-friendly food retailer this holiday season.

While Christmas is traditionally thought of as a time when families come together to enjoy a day of fun and food, the ongoing restrictions due to the coronavirus are likely to change the way the majority of Brits celebrate with their loved ones at 25 this year. December.

Families are advised to plan their shopping accordingly and buy only for the visitors they expect to reduce expenses and avoid wasting too much food.

To give you some advice on how to shop efficiently for a family of six this holiday season, the team at the online price tracking website, have analyzed the online offerings from seven UK supermarkets to determine which is the cheapest for standard Christmas dinner items. 18 staple foods likely to be found on the Christmas table were tracked; including turkey, pork in blankets, potatoes, parsnips, brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce and stuffing.

The same like-for-like items in seven of the major supermarkets, including some own-brand products (or their equivalents), were kept for the survey to provide the most unbiased comparison of goods and their prices, unless it was a brand that all seven supermarkets in stock (e.g. Bisto Gravy).

Discount retailers such as Lidl and Aldi were not included in the survey because customers were unable to shop completely online and because they did not have the same like-for-like branded products as the other supermarkets.

On average, this year’s Christmas dinner costs £ 57.39 compared to £ 67.19 last year, almost £ 10 less.

Asda is the cheapest store where you can buy the 18 products, revealing the cheapest to most expensive Christmas dinner baskets as follows:

1. Asda – £ 43.84 – (£ 12.77 cheaper than last year)

2. Morrisons – £ 50.00 – (£ 2.75 cheaper than last year)

3. Iceland – £ 50.50 – (£ 6.66 cheaper than last year)

4. Tesco £ 51.51 – ( £ 14.35 cheaper than last year)

5. Sainsbury’s – £ 53.47 – (£ 10.67 cheaper than last year)

6. Waitrose – £ 63.93 – (£ 24.57 cheaper than last year)

7. Ocado – £ 88.84 – (34 cents more expensive than last year)

Although it was one of the three cheapest supermarkets on the list, the price investigation found that Iceland was in fact the most expensive for the branded Bisto gravy, at £ 1.65 for the item; while Waitrose had discounted theirs to £ 1, equivalent to Asda.

Morrisons turned out to be the cheapest for pigs in blankets, at a price of £ 2 for 12, which is on par with Iceland’s. Ocado’s turkey crown was also more expensive: £ 44.40 compared to Asda’s (£ 12.00) and Morrisons (£ 12.75).

Andy Barr, co-founder of, said: “While it’s undeniable that Brits deserve to make the most of Christmas with loved ones this year after a pretty rough 2020, people should be careful not to spend unnecessary money buying items for the traditional Christmas dinner that we all know and love.

“It is encouraging to see that some supermarkets are significantly cheaper this year than last year, which will be welcome news for those struggling with the financial impact of the pandemic.”

* Research conducted w / c 16.11.20