At least '41 killed' in horror crash between bus and truck in Brazil

A full bus crashed into a truck killing at least 41 people, including dozens of textile workers, Yahoo News reports.

Since local police spokesman Alexandre Guedes stated that 22 people were killed in the crash, reports have been attributed to the fire department that the number has risen to 41 deaths.

G1 GloboNews has published photos of the deadly incident in the outskirts of Taguai, 347 km west of Sao Paulo, Brazil, at around 7 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Firefighters told the media that at least 40 employees of a textile company were traveling on the bus.

São Paulo military police spokesman Lieutenant Alexandre Guedes said the location of the crash made it difficult for emergency services to get there.

Lieutenant Guedes and tragically warned that the death toll could keep rising.

Survivors who came out of the collision with serious injuries were rushed to several hospitals in the region for urgent medical attention, according to local officials.

Taguai City Hall, in the interior of São Paulo, has announced that an official three-day funeral service will take place in the region for the lives lost in the accident.

Firefighters and highway police from Piraju (SP), the largest city in the Taguai region, responded to the incident.

At least '41 killed' in horror crash between bus and truck in Brazil

Police announced that once all survivors were rescued from the wreckage at 11:30 am, they would focus on removing all remaining bodies from the crime scene.

The dead will be transported to the Legal Medical Institute of Avaré.

The road of the collision was closed to motorists from 07:00 to 11:00.