At least 'five seriously injured' in huge fire inside industrial warehouse

At least five people were seriously injured after a fire broke out tonight.

According to locals, several people had to climb on the roof to escape from the building in Badalona, ​​Spain.

Local news said 23 fire engines arrived on the scene in an attempt to deal with the flames, but the inside of the building has limited access.

The Ministry of the Interior said: With the #bomberscat we saved about thirty people from the Badalona industry at the facade.

“From now on the fire has fully developed and it is unknown whether more people have been affected.

“The top has collapsed and the inside is not accessible.”

A mobile health room has been set up at the place where 17 people have been treated so far.

Reports also suggest that people are trapped in the building, and some have jumped off.

According to TV3, about 200 to 300 people live in the building and the residents are thought to be migrants, a local source says.

Videos and images shared on social media show the huge fire with thick billowing smoke.

The fire is thought to have started after people burned things to keep themselves warm.

An investigation will be conducted to understand “whether the fire was accidental or provoked”.

At least 'five seriously injured' in huge fire inside industrial warehouse

The fire occurred in a ground-floor and three-storey building at the intersection of Carrer Guifré and Carrer Tortosa, reports CCMA.

It is believed to have started at 9pm tonight and is still ongoing.

Guillem Sanchez tweeted, “The fire chief reports that they cannot know the seriousness of the matter until they can put out the flames.

“Alderman Samper says it has been a devastating fire and that the building is collapsing.”

He also said, “Many of the trapped people have come down from this ladder. Neighbors explain that an explosion has occurred.”

The Interior Ministry said: “According to statements by David Borrell, deputy director #bomberscat and none of the #Badalona control devices, the fire is fully developed and burning with virulence. It is impossible at this point to know if more people the industrial building ”