Australian Firefighters Calendar is back – with more abs than ever before

The ‘world’s most popular calendar’ is BACK just in time to cheer up the end of a miserable 2020 – and this year it’s got more muscle than ever.

The Australian Firefighters Calendar 2021 has pulled out all the stops this year and has released SIX calendars with a slew of hunks in each.

The money raised from the sale of the must-have calendars will go to Australian Wildlife, which has worked tirelessly to rescue and care for animals injured after the devastating fires that hit the country at the start of the year raged.

David Rogers, director of the Australian Firefighters Calendar, explained, “No one was left untouched by our precious wildlife trying to escape the wildfires, and the loss of wildlife is beyond belief.

“Everyone on the Australian Firefighters Calendar decided that all our efforts this year should be focused on Australian Wildlife.”

At least a billion animals were killed in the horrific fires and the destruction of vast areas of bush means that those who survived have nowhere to live.

One of the new calendars first introduced this year is Hero, which focuses on the firefighters’ courageous efforts to get the infernos under control and save as many animals as possible.

There is also a new Animal Lovers calendar, which features a huge range of Australian wildlife.

The Australian Firefighters 2021 calendars are raising money to help injured animals early this year

Many of the animals on display were rescued from the fires that broke out late last year and are showing their great road to recovery.

But the hugely popular cat and dog calendars are returning this year, but this time with a twist.

Due to the limitations of the coronavirus, firefighters could not access the rescued animals normally used in the photo shoots, so the crews brought their own pets to be included.

The Australian Firefighters 2021 Calendars involved crews involved in tackling the massive fires

With the money raised, we can help less fortunate animals find new homes through rescue organizations such as Safe Haven Animal Rescue and All Breeds Canine Rescue.

This year, the popular Animal Lovers Calendar will be more important than ever as it will play a critical role in treating wildlife injured by the recent fires.

Funds from last year’s 2020 calendar helped pay for new equipment and supplies such as for nearly six months, with Dr. Michael Pyne and his team of veterinarians and volunteers working around the clock to help keep streams of koalas, wombats, kangaroos and birds. to rescue.

The Australian Firefighters 2021 Calendars hopes to fetch as much as last year

Dr. Pyne, Currumbin Wildlife Hospital’s chief veterinarian, said: “The support of the donations provided by the calendar was vital due to the wildfires, supplies were very limited and the injection of funds from the calendar helped save many animals. “

This year, the 2021 calendars will be donated to indigenous animal charities vital to supporting the vulnerable wildlife.

One of these is Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, where Dr. Stephen Van Mil and his team are building Australia’s first mobile Wildlife Hospital, enabling the Mobile Hospital to be urgently transported to where the natural disaster strikes.

The Australian Firefighters 2021 Calendars involved crews involved in tackling the massive fires

Cameron Simpson, leading firefighter for Fire Rescue, New South Wales, said: “After fighting the fires and witnessing the suffering of nature, my crew and I felt compelled to do more.

“We donated money to care for a koala named Anwen and after seeing firsthand the work of the volunteers at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital our perspective on protecting our wildlife has changed forever. “

Other groups that receive money from the calendar are Australian Seabird Rescue. Cathy Gilmore is ASR’s Coordinator and has dedicated 35 years of her life to saving birds, pelicans, turtles and endangered marine life in the Central Coast area, a small town north of Sydney.

The Australian Fire Service Calendar 2021 will also support these organizations

  • Native Animal Rescue – Western Australia
  • Wildcare Inc – Northern Territory
  • Safe Haven Animal Rescue – Queensland
  • RACQ – Queensland
  • Rural Aid – Australia
  • Kids with Cancer Foundation – Australia

You can buy all six calendars at here.