Baby has deformed head and seizures after shampoo bottles dropped from tower

A six-month-old girl was left with a misshapen head and had seizures when two full shampoo bottles hit her after falling from a high-rise.

Police are investigating after the baby was seriously injured in the incident in Shenzhen, in South China’s Guangdong province.

Images released by the girl’s family show her head disfigured after being hit by the two bottles that fell on her from a residential tower.

Doctors diagnosed her with broken parietal bones, and her parents fear she could develop epilepsy or even die after the head injury.

The baby and her mother, Ms. Lin, were walking when the accident happened on May 11 outside of the Wanghaihui Jingyuan residential area in Shenzhen.

The bottles of shampoo suddenly splashed down the side of the residential building, hit the girl on the head and knocked her unconscious, her father said, Mr. Gao.

He said, “Two bottles of shampoo, 750 milliliters and full, hit my baby.

“She immediately lost consciousness and started to grab.”

Witnesses helped Ms. Lin to call an ambulance, who took the mother and her injured baby to Shenzhen Children’s Hospital.

Baby has deformed head and seizures after shampoo bottles dropped from tower

On Thursday, local time, the facility said the girl was found to have bleeding in her brain, but her condition was stable.

When babies are born, their skulls are soft, allowing them to pass through the birth canal.

It can take 9-18 months for a baby’s skull to fully form, making their fragile heads particularly susceptible to blows or knocks that can cause serious injury.

Baby has deformed head and seizures after shampoo bottles dropped from tower

Doctors also noted temporary loss of consciousness, difficulty concentrating and other concussion-like symptoms.

Pediatric neurosurgeon Liao Chuanpeng said they watched the girl for further symptoms.

“The concern is that she can develop epilepsy, which is long-term life-threatening for the child.”

Her father, Mr. Gao, said, “I am most concerned that our child will not survive this early stage.

Even after that, there’s a chance she’ll be repossessed for the next three to four months.

Baby has deformed head and seizures after shampoo bottles dropped from tower

“And we don’t know what kind of brain damage she has sustained and how it will affect her development

Police in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District said they were investigating the incident but had not identified a culprit yet.

The tower block is located in a gated community with 170 households.

The high-rise from which the shampoo bottles are likely to fall has 20 floors, reports from China said.

None of the residents had admitted to possessing the shampoo bottles since yesterday, authorities said.

According to reports from a local lawyer, any resident of the tower building could be ordered to reimburse the family as a group if no household came forward to take responsibility.


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