Bad resort review could land American man behind bars

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On social media, Richard Barrow, who claims to be a friend of a friend of Barnes,  went into further detail about the incident, stating Barnes spent a couple of nights in jail before posting bail after a complaint was made against him by the resort owner.

“In most cases, defamation laws are good as they are there to protect us. But it is sometimes abused,” Barrow wrote on social media. “To have someone arrested at their workplace for posting a negative review is surely a step too far. Does this now mean none of us should post one-star hotel reviews in Thailand?”

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Barrow believed the case shouldn’t have gone to court as it not only damages the reputation of the report but also that of Thailand.

“This should have been settled out of court. Now the world knows that if a tourist posts a negative hotel review in Thailand they risk going to prison,” he concluded.