Barbers open at midnight with huge queues after lockdown lifted in New Zealand

Desperate men line up for barbershops at midnight after New Zealand lifted the coronavirus lock today.

During the country’s seven-week home delivery, some very shaggy hairstyles sprang up, and locals say they are relieved to finally get the pork chop.

In the Sky News clip, men with overgrown moons gather on dark streets as they queue up for turns to get a much-needed short back and sides.

People waiting outside excitedly film their friends standing in line and already styled in the chair with clippers and scissors.

There is a festive atmosphere, as coffee shops and takeaways also open their doors.

Hairdressers wear medical masks, which is the only sign – apart from the unusually late hour – that things are not completely back to normal.

A man wearing a hat and drinking a beer sounds very enthusiastic for his turn and explains that it is all carefully planned.

He tells Sky News: “We have seven hairdressers in Birkenhead, thirteen hairdressing salons.

“We organized the boys with three hours to open at one minute past twelve.

“So we’ll look as sharp as Elvis when we get to work tomorrow.”

New Zealand had 1,147 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 21 deaths from Covid-19 according to the latest World Health Organization report.

People said they were looking forward to getting back to normal

The nation performed the closure very quickly, when there were only 102 cases and no deaths.

According to the report, New Zealand’s coronavirus has been effectively eliminated thanks to its strict and early locking, which halted the spread of the community.

Since there are no humans to reproduce in, the virus cannot survive.


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