Barcelona shooting as police gun down ‘knife-wielding man’ in street

A man with a knife was shot in the street by police after allegedly attempting to attack responding agents, it has been reported.

Police in Barcelona have said an officer was forced to shoot a man after the person allegedly tried to attack them in the street with a knife.

It is clear that the police were responding to an alleged attack near number 44 on Passeig de Sant Joan, Barcelona, ​​when the attack took place.

A 43-year-old man has been admitted to Hospital de Sant Pau in a ‘severe but stable’ condition and will undergo surgery, it was reported.

Albert Batlle, the deputy mayor of security for Barcelona, ​​said a man tried to attack Guardia Urbana agents by attacking them with “specifically a large knife”.

At a city council press conference, Mr. Batlle told the press that the man, who believed he was a homeless person, had been shot in the “stomach” and “caused discomfort” prior to the alleged attack.

Eyewitness told Beteve, a Spanish news website, that several officers and a van from the Guardia Urbana cut the passage of a man running along the promenade.

The police were then deployed on the street and the man is said to have threatened the officers with a knife.

Agents from Guàrdia Urbana have now cordoned off the area and the entrance to a building near where the attack took place.

In a statement, Guàrdia Urbana said: “Police shot and wounded a man who allegedly tried to attack them with a knife in Barcelona on the evening of Saturday, November 21.

The incident took place at 7 pm (local time) at the intersection of Passeig de Sant Joan and Carrer d’Ausiàs Marc.

The attacker was reportedly a homeless man and is being treated in hospital. No other injuries have been reported.

“Transport and business are likely to be disrupted near Passeig de Sant Joan in the short term as police investigate the incident.”