Beautician 'killed mum and daughter by stabbing them 30 times over £600 bill'

An arm-wrestling beautician has been arrested in Russia on charges of murdering a mother and daughter on an unpaid bill of £ 600, police say.

Anna Abakumova, 38, and Maria, four, were found stabbed to death at their home in Saratov.

The mother and daughter had 20 and 10 knife wounds, respectively, according to the researchers.

Their bloody bodies were discovered by Abakumova’s oldest daughter, 12, and the deceased wife’s father, Viktor Marshalkin, 62.

Abakumova’s ex-husband Anton was initially detained for the murder after he was caught on a train by police.

After proving he had an alibi, Anton was released.

Russian police then looked at Elena Shcherenko, 53, an arm wrestler and gym teacher who also worked as a manicurist and child masseur for the late woman and her youngest daughter.

She confessed to the murder and said she went to Abakumova to demand the unpaid bill.

She claims that an argument broke out and that she then “armed herself with a knife and stabbed the owner of the house first and then her young daughter,” according to a statement by the Russian Commission of Inquiry.

Beautician 'killed mum and daughter by stabbing them 30 times over £600 bill'

“The woman and the girl died of their wounds.”

She stole jewelry and a bank card that she used to withdraw the money she said she owed.

Shcherenko can face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.