Beeple Is Selling Ethereum NFT Art You Can Hang on Your Wall

In the letter

  • Digital artist Beeple is dropping some new NFTs.
  • He’s selling NFT versions of the free Instagram art he shared this year.
  • He sells digital frames alongside the NFTs.

Digital artist Beeple fell headfirst into the crypto rabbit hole last month when he sold a mutating NFT from Donald Trump for $ 66,666.6. Now the North Carolinian artist from Charleston wants to reconnect crypto art with reality.

Today Beeple, real name Mike Winkelmann, announced 1.7 million Instagram followers that he will be auctioning a collection of NFT artwork starting Friday at 7 p.m. EST.

He sells NFTs depicting his “Everydays,” art that he created over 4,971 consecutive days and shared online for free. But while Beeple posted his Instagram art for free, each NFT will start at $ 969.

It’s about more than getting extra money out of his old catalog, he said Decrypt.

“The NFTs were designed to be instantly distinguishable from Instagram and instantly collectible,” he said.

Buy one of their NFTs from Nifty Gateway, the NFT marketplace where the sale takes place, and Beeple will send you a digital frame showing the loop of your NFT, encased in plastic with a holographic QR code who shows the code when scanning is owner of the NFT.

He also gives you a place on his website to post any message or image you want. “So if it’s weird shit, don’t blame me,” he wrote on the website. In addition, you can also show your art in virtual worlds like Somnium.

“These look very much like baseball cards,” he said.

Beeples “every day”. Image: Beeple

Beeple believes this will encourage collectors to trade the NFT along with the digital framework. Selling the NFT separately to the framework would “make it less valuable,” he said.

“I’m going to keep people from separating the two because in my eyes this is the physical representation of the NFT. So if you disconnect it, you will break the whole system. “

On Friday, Beeple will sell three versions of his art. The first is a selection of 21 of his Everydays, as diverse as a Mechanoid Hilary Clinton powered by Jeffrey Epstein’s elixir of life swinging from a noose and a Tom Hanks clubbing the coronavirus with bloody fists.

Collectors worldwide have five minutes to purchase as many NFTs as they want. Beeple and his wife Jan, who designed the boxes, will spend the next few months shipping boxes all over the world.

Beeple is also auctioning “Black Label”, unique NFTs whose collectors will receive a larger box and a zoom unboxing meeting with Winkelman himself. Finally, Beeple sells a collection of NFT editions for $ 1 a pop.

Digital art shouldn’t differ from physical art, he said. “The digital versus physical argument – versus is the old view. Everything will be digital. “