Beth Bowlen Wallace, daughter of late Broncos owner, calls for “smooth, timely transition” to new ownership

In a lengthy statement sent to The Denver Post this morning, Beth Bowlen Wallace, the second eldest of late Broncos owner Pat Bowlen’s seven children, said her father would “ never accept the current state of the team ” and a “smooth and timely transition,” to a new owner.

The Broncos advance to Sunday night’s game in Kansas City 4-7 and are an underdog with two touchdowns. The franchise is on the brink of a fifth consecutive year out of the playoffs and four consecutive losing seasons.

Bowling Wallace’s full statement:

“My sister, Amie, my uncle, John Bowlen and I have had the privilege, along with all the fans who bleed orange and blue, to see what a winning team looks like. It has been extremely painful to see the past few seasons and we continue to see no other way to restore the franchise than through a transfer of ownership from the Denver Broncos.

“My father, Pat Bowlen, would never have accepted the current state of the team. Fortunately, my father’s legacy as one of the NFL’s greatest owners has solidified in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We will forever look back on the more than 30 years of ownership that brought him there with great pride. Our wish for this team to be restored to its winning ways and see more Super Bowl championships for Broncos land. We are committed to and will continue to strive for solutions to all issues to ensure a smooth and timely transition.

“We are hopeful that the current leadership will agree that this is in the best interest of the Denver Broncos and especially in the interest of our incredibly loyal fans, my father’s legacy and the Bowling family.”

Reading between the lines, by reading “smooth and timely transition,” to new owner, Bowlen Wallace is probably referring to the fact that the team is being sold to an outside owner.

Bowling Wallace went public in June 2018 with her desire to become the next controlling owner of the Broncos, a request that was quickly turned down by trustees Joe Ellis, Rich Slivka and Mary Kelly.

The current situation, aside from the Broncos having no owners, is the lawsuit in which the administrators take on Bowling Wallace and her older sister, Amie Klemmer. Scheduled for September 1, the new trial date is July 2021.

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