Biden Claims GOP Concerns about Flynn Probe ‘All About Diversion,’ Claims Ignorance on Investigation’s Origins
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Biden Claims GOP Concerns about Flynn Probe ‘All About Diversion,’ Claims Ignorance on Investigation’s Origins

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks on the eve of the Nevada Caucus at Hyde Park Middle School in Las Vegas, Nev., February 21, 2020. (Patrick T. Fallon / Reuters)

Former Vice President Joe Biden was forced to go back after saying he knew “nothing” about the investigation of Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, after ABC’s George Stephanopoulos noted that Biden was in an Oval Office meeting January 2017 was where Flynn was discussed.

When Biden was first asked about the DOJ’s decision to drop the case against Flynn – who had been found guilty of lying to the FBI in 2017 – Biden said, “I don’t know about those steps to investigate Michael Flynn , and accused President Trump of “distraction” for alleging the Flynn case was orchestrated by Obama.

“He continues to act irresponsibly. He has not done his job, it is about diverting attention, diverting attention from the terrible way he acted, ” said Biden. “We don’t have a coronavirus because of him, but we have its devastating impact because of his lack of policy, his lack of action.”

But after Stephanopoulos pointed out that Biden reportedly attended a January 5, 2017 briefing on “the FBI’s plan to question Michael Flynn,” Biden claimed, “I thought you asked me if I had anything to do with the prosecution from him.’

“I was aware that they had asked for an investigation, but that’s all I know,” he explained. I don’t think anything else. “

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said in a testimony released Thursday that she was “so surprised” to hear Obama ask about Flynn’s appeal with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak that “she was having a hard time processing it and to listen to the conversation at the same time. “

An email that former national security adviser Susan Rice sent herself after the meeting said that Biden was present for the talks about Flynn.

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