Big leaguers giving $500,000 to support minor leaguers

NEW YORK – Major League baseball players donate $ 500,000 to support minor leaguers whose season was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Major League Baseball Players Association said on Tuesday that money will be donated through the Major League Baseball Players Trust to More Than Baseball, a nonprofit that benefits minor leaguers.

Due to the pandemic, the big league-season was reduced from 162 games to 60, which reduced wages proportionally. Minor league schedules were wiped out, and big league teams gave players with minor league contracts $ 400 weekly stipends through May 31; many teams extended the stipends over the summer.

“Without a season, many minor league players have experienced more financial hardship,” Leonor Colon, the union’s senior director of international and domestic player activities, said in a statement.

Tuesday’s donation was part of a $ 1 million pledge to underage participants announced by the Players Trust on June 17. Founded in March 2018, More Than Baseball funds affordable housing, food, financial counseling and mental health care for underage participants. From 1 July 2020, the money will go to the minor league subsidy program for players with minor league contracts over a two-year period.