Billionaire Entrepreneur and Crypto Critic Mark Cuban Admits Bitcoin Is a Store of Value

One of the biggest regular critics of Bitcoin says that the best cryptocurrency can be a valuable store after all.

In a new conversation with Bitcoin maximalist Preston Pysh, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban gives a rare compliment to BTC. But he claims that Bitcoin has no chance of becoming a global reserve currency and challenging the US dollar.

Late last year, Cuban said bananas are more useful to him than Bitcoin.

“I prefer bananas. I can eat bananas. Crypto, not so much. Look, I can be a great argument for blockchain. There are many applications and they will be used.

But you don’t need public Bitcoin, BTC. You can make blockchain yourself without using all available cryptocurrencies. ”

Bitcoin’s usefulness is a recent topic of debate, with Goldman Sachs’ recent report dismissing the leading cryptocurrency as a legitimate asset class.

Meanwhile, analyzes by companies such as Bloomberg have drawn parallels between Bitcoin and gold and projected that the digital assets will to achieve $ 20,000 before the end of the year.

Gold, also known as a store of value, was never meant to replace the US dollar. Similarly, Cuban states that Bitcoin will never replace the US dollar, an opinion that Bitcoin maximists may disagree with.

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