Billionaire prince says life of casinos and supermodels can be 'unpleasant'

Billionaire Prince Albert is the ruler of Monaco – one of the most glamorous and richest countries in the world.

The sovereign prince of Monaco, Albert, has a personal fortune estimated at over $ 1 billion (£ 800,000).

Prince Albert has access to a life of luxury, with hotels, casinos and supermodels, but he regrets royal life and complains that “there is not enough room for spontaneous activities and spontaneity to be planned”.

He has waived his right to privacy to film a BBC series behind the scenes, The Times reports.

Paparazzi are usually banned in Monaco to protect its VIP residents, but director Michael Waldman was given behind-the-scenes access to the royal palace, luxury hotels, casinos and the F1 Grand Prix.

Viewers are given a tour of a new £ 35,000 a night penthouse at the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco and are shown around luxury yachts.

His goal is to attract younger, wealthier people to Monaco, a city with a notoriously rich and aging population.

Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, one of the Prince’s friends, has even explored the idea of ​​their own Influencer Awards.

It’s a new event aimed at luring jet set YouTubers and Instagrammers to promote the charms of the Côte d´Azur to their social media followers.

Billionaire prince says life of casinos and supermodels can be 'unpleasant'

Prince Albert was called a Playboy Prince in his youth and fathered two children before marrying Princess Charlene in 2011.

He is calmer now and told Mr Waldman on days that there are meetings he would rather not attend, he is thinking about what will come next.

Prince Albert said, “I cannot say that every day is a wonderful bliss and pleasure. It is not easy for everyone with a responsible position.

“There are some very unpleasant encounters.

“I’m trying to figure out the nice things to come when my meetings are over, with a nice glass of wine.”

Billionaire prince says life of casinos and supermodels can be 'unpleasant'

He also said that he fondly remembers his mother, Grace Kelly, the Hollywood actress who became Princess of Monaco, as ‘more tolerant’ than his father.

Kelly died in a car accident in 1982 and his father, Rainier III, who was not remarried, in 2005.

Prince Albert said, “It is just incredible that so many years after her death, she is still very much alive in the minds and hearts of many people.

“We behaved when we knew he was watching. He had ways to raise his voice that was impressive for a six-, seven-, eight-, nine-, or ten-year-old. Even when he was 21. “


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