Birmingham man arrested after £8.5m worth of heroin found at Heathrow

A person from Birmingham was arrested along with two others after heroin worth more than £ 8.5 million was found at a London airport.

The staggering amount of Class A drugs was discovered by officers in the side of boxes of fruit and nuts at Heathrow Airport in London.

Border Force officers found 170 kg of the Class A drug hidden in envelopes hidden in the walls of a 630-box shipment on May 21 this year – despite the coronavirus blockage killing dozens of flights in the UK were maintained.

Two men, aged 36 and 51, were arrested near Bradford, Yorkshire, on suspicion of importing Class A drugs the following day.

And a third was held in Birmingham on May 23, according to police.

They have all been released under investigation, our sister title reports MyLondon, which cover the case from the capital.

Immigration Compliance Minister and Court Chris Philp said, “This substantial seizure was the largest Class A drug detection to date by Border Force at Heathrow this year.”

In a short statement, Mr. Philp added, “Illegal drugs fuel crime, violence and exploitation, which is why our work to prevent them from reaching our communities is so important.”