Bitcoin Ad Blitz Hits Hong Kong – Here’s the Group Behind the Campaign

Donations from Hong Kong’s 5,000-strong Bitcoin community are being used to fuel a massive campaign to raise awareness of Bitcoin’s role as an agent of change.

In a blog post, the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong (BAHK) says it launched an awareness initiative called the Bitcoin Tram Campaign. The BAHK intends to use the campaign to draw attention to and spark discussions about the risks and merits of Bitcoin in a rapidly changing financial and economic environment.

“We hope the campaign will give us the opportunity to discuss how Bitcoin fits into a rapidly digitizing global economy, the opportunities and dangers of drastic technological advancements, and the implications of digital, verifiable scarcity.”

Source: Reddit

The campaign will run between September 11 and October 8 and will use three-double-decker trams and billboards prominently around Hong Kong’s Charter Garden banking district to spread Bitcoin awareness messages.

One ad highlights the massive printing of US dollars this year to highlight the scarce nature of Bitcoin.

“More US dollars were printed in 2020 than there were in 2009. There will only be 21 million Bitcoin.”

Another ad informs readers about the unique features of BTC.

“Scarce. Shareable. Transferable. Verifiable. Fraud-resistant. Bitcoin is better at gold than gold.”

The campaign has received a lot of praise from Bitcoiners. In a twitter message, Martin Baumann, founder of the Bitcoin Liberty Fund, lauds the BAHK initiative.

“I love this initiative – arguably the largest Bitcoin campaign to date, worldwide. The Hong Kong Financial District is completely covered in Bitcoin today with panels lining all the bus and tram stops and bitcoin trams circulating in the Hong Kong Financial District! “

Featured Image: Shutterstock / YIUCHEUNG