Bitcoin critic Mark Cuban still open to running for president

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban may not have a very optimistic view of cryptocurrency, but one thing he’s still open to – and talked about many times over the years – is becoming President of the United States.

The entrepreneur, Shark Tank star, and owner of Dallas Mavericks have entertained the idea with surprising regularity. In fact, the Cuban Wikipedia page has one whole section committed to his presidential ambitions.

It came up again this week during the virtual event “Reset Your Mindset at Work” co-organized by Yahoo and Fortune, where Cuban discussed the US government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and again considered the possibility that he would fight for the country’s highest job.

“It is highly unlikely because of the timing, but stranger things have happened,” said the Cuban Page six. “You know me, I’m an entrepreneur – I’m never going to say ‘no’.”

Cuban, a member of President Trump’s Great American Economic Revival Industry Group Advisory Committee, said Trump “could have done better [with the COVID-19 response]but if you have imperfect information, you make imperfect decisions. ‘

Earlier this month, Cuban claimed that the stock market is overvalued due to the pandemic, and that it is impossible to properly value companies given the market uncertainty. He also suggested that stimulus payments should come on a debit card with a time limit and that the money should be spent to boost the economy.

Cuban is an advocate of blockchain technology, but has consistently harnessed the potential of Bitcoin. He has criticized the cryptocurrency for its complexity to an ordinary audience, saying it has “no intrinsic value.”

In April, Cuban admitted On The Pump Podcast that he actually owns Bitcoin because the Mavericks accept it for ticket and merchandise payments … just not very much. According to Cuban, he only has about $ 130 in Bitcoin.

Basically, if Bitcoiners are looking for a crypto attorney to take the oath, it’s not Cuban.