BitPrime Partners With Simplex to Provide a Solution to Buy Crypto With Credit Cards

November 26, 2020 – Christchurch, New Zealand

The first crypto offering to be launched in New Zealand enables a safe and convenient way to buy crypto with debit and credit cards by partnering with Simplex.

BitPrimeNew Zealand’s leading cryptocurrency retailer announced today that it has partnered with Simplex, the market leader in fiat / crypto infrastructure. The partnership offers a secure solution for those who want to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card or debit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Available for the first time in New Zealand, the partnership leverages Simplex’s fully proprietary, fraud-free platform to purchase digital assets. It offers BitPrime customers another practical payment option for entering the crypto ecosystem.

The option to buy crypto with a credit card has been one of the most requested features from current BitPrime customers in the company’s three-year history. By partnering with Simplex, BitPrime users can easily work with a trusted partner who is known in the industry for transparency and security.

The launch of this new payment solution comes as the price of Bitcoin hits its highest level since the all-time high of nearly NZD 30,000 in February 2017.

BitPrime has partnered with Simplex to leverage the company’s cutting-edge AI technology that analyzes the risk of each payment and actively blocks fraudulent users. Simplex also offers all users award-winning customer support that is available 24/7 in case they need help completing their purchases.

Ross Carter-Brown, BitPrime CEO, said:

“We bring cryptocurrency into the world. With our new credit card payment gateway, we can serve customers from 178 different countries. We know that New Zealand is a desirable jurisdiction for many people to do business, especially financial services. This is due to our strong protection of personal property, political stability and low level of corruption. Our partnership with Simplex is an important infrastructure that helps meet this demand. “

Nimrod Lehavi, Founder and CEO of Simplex, said:

“Simplex gives anyone, anywhere, the ability to easily and securely buy digital assets. Our partnership with BitPrime enables millions to conveniently drive with their bank cards. “

BitPrime allows customers to buy cryptocurrencies for as little as $ 100. The newly introduced payment solution also supports international customers.

To learn more about this service or to try it out, visit Here.

About BitPrime

BitPrime is owned and operated by New Zealand. The company is a leader in full-service cryptocurrency trading solutions in the country. We are passionate about our professional service and we focus heavily on providing free education and technical support for beginners to professional investors. BitPrime aims to make trading digital assets easy and secure. BITPRIME LIMITED (FSP595609) Registered.

About Simplex

Simplex has changed the status quo of crypto on / off ramps since 2014. As a market leader, Simplex pioneered the first risk-free global Fiat Onramp with credit and debit cards and promised a zero chargeback guarantee. Simplex works with the biggest names in the crypto ecosystem and provides the complete fiat infrastructure for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As a licensed EU financial institution, Simplex 2020 was selected as one of the 10 most impactful companies on the blockchain.

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