Bizarre moment man walks gigantic pet snake in the park in front of children

A bizarre video has shown how a man allows his gigantic boa constrictor snake to have a slither around a public park in front of children and stunned parents.

In the clip, a two-metre-long reptile slides along the concrete while a child stands nearby to watch.

A man then bends down and picks up the snake by its tail, before dragging it along over the ground while more stunned people watch.

The man then sits down on a bench next to a woman and a toddler, letting go of the snake which slithers towards a pram, while another child runs over to take a closer look.

The incident was recorded at Prigorod Lesnoe housing complex in the town of Vidnoe in the western Russian region of Moscow Oblast by a resident filming from their apartment.

The snake’s owner Kirill Logvenkov told local media: “People enjoyed walking next to my pet.

“No one was scared, instead they kept coming over wanting to touch it so we had to go to another place.”

He added that his pet is called Wilhelm and is a five-year-old Boa imperator with a length of two metres.

Logvenkov said: “I don’t breed snakes, but I do have five other boas in my house.”

Boa imperators are one of the most common snakes kept in captivity due to their calm nature, impressive size and having a variety of colours.

Snakes kept in captivity can often tolerate being handled for long period of time and they are generally fed pre-killed rodents which are purchased frozen.