Bizarre moment naked man strolls into car wash to have a shower

A brazen man has been filmed turning up naked at a car wash for a midnight shower.

The bizarre incident happened at a newly opened car wash on the Sunshine Coast, in southern Queensland, Australia, last Saturday.

Security footage inside Parkland’s Car and Dog Wash captures the naked man grabbing a water gun hose before his fully clothed pal walks into view with a phone in his hand.

The man passes the hose to his friend, covers his genitals with both his hands and walks to the centre for an unusual shower.

His pal uses the handheld pressurised hose to blast the chemical-filled water at him as he tries to duck and run around the premise.

Eventually, he stops running and the other man throws the hose to the ground.

The car wash’s owner only realised what had happened when he found one of the water gun hoses lying on the ground.

Geoff Bowen, from Parkland’s Car and Dog Wash, told “I just quickly looked at it [the CCTV] to see if anything needs attention and I saw that and I backtracked from there.”

His friend blasted the water at him as he ducked with his hands covering his genitals

He said the man might have sustained minor chemical burns as he described it like “chilli juice on your skin”.

“The first one it comes out is a high pH, that dissolves grime and bird droppings,” Geoff explained.

“The next one is a neutraliser, a low pH. He was in the machine and he kept moving so the sensor detected ‘there’s something wrong here’ and shut the machine off.

“He’d be on fire – like chilli juice on your skin.”

He shared the video on his company’s Facebook page and wrote: “We had a great weekend of car washing at Parklands car and dog wash with our new touchless Storm automatic.

“We even had a man vs machine incident on Saturday night!

“Thanks for your patronage and hope you make a speedy recovery.”