Body discovered in New Jersey woods; evidence points it to be of missing woman

Police believe that a body discovered in the wooden region at Old Bridge, off Route no. 9 in New Jersey (NJ) on Sunday is of missing Freehold Township woman named Stephanie Parze.

According to the sources, 25-year-old Stephanie went missing since October last year. The body is believed to be Stephanie due to preliminary facts and evidence discovered from the spot.

The body was seen a little South to the Old Mill Road at about 2:45 pm in the southern part of the highway on Sunday. The police officials along with their vehicles arrived at the spot soon after receiving information about a body being found. 

After the information was publicly announced, Stephanie’s father Edward Parze took to post a picture of candles. The Parze family had denied making a statement as they were not prepared.

Notably, the Parze family had been organizing searches in New York and the Freehold Township about weekly.

Stephanie went missing from the 30th of October, 2019. Furthermore, her belongings were found in her grandmother’s house that has passed away, just before her disappearance.

The police recognized Stephanie’s former boyfriend John Ozbilgen to be a suspect in the disappearance of Stephanie. As the officials investigated Stephanie’s disappearance, they arrested Ozbligen on charges of child pornography after pictures were discovered in his phone.