Body lay on street for 30 hours as Brazil struggles with pandemic

A man’s body was left on the street for 30 hours as Brazil struggles with the rising death toll from the coronavirus.

In the South American nation, more than 20,000 have now died of the disease, and it sees an average of 10,000 new cases every day.

Valnir da Silva’s family, 62, says he was the victim of the coronavirus pandemic in Rio de Janeiro.

His body was found sandwiched between a row of parked cars and a small football field, while locals continued to play the game next to his corpse.

Mr. da Silva had breathing difficulties and suddenly collapsed, according to witnesses at a nearby bar.

Paramedics ran to the stage, but could not save the father.

Ambulance workers left the body on the street, and city councilors said it was not their responsibility to remove bodies.

The man’s stepson, Marcos Vinicius Andrade da Silva, 26, says he contacted patrolling police officers the next day who also refused to remove the body.

Body lay on street for 30 hours as Brazil struggles with pandemic

It was about 30 hours before a funeral crew was finally assembled to remove Mr. Da Silva’s body, leaving his family “very sad about what had happened.”

He was later buried at a ceremony with only four people, including Marcos and his mother.

The death certificate states that he died of cardiac arrest, although his family claims this was a complication of the coronavirus.

President Jair Bolsonaro has increased the use of a controversial and unproven malaria drug to treat patients in Brazil.

Due to the new regulations, the Ministry of Health says it can be given to people with lesser symptoms such as abdominal pain, cough or fever.

“There is still no scientific evidence, but it is being monitored and used in Brazil and worldwide,” said Bolsonaro, who compared the virus to a “minor flu” and argued with local authorities about their home measures, he said. via his official Facebook page.


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