Boxer arrested on suspicion of battering his pregnant girlfriend to death

A boxer has been arrested on suspicion of battering his five-months-pregnant girlfriend to death.

Renzo Pancera, 25, is being questioned over the murder of Micaela Sabrina Zalazar, 27, who died in Buenos Aires, Argentina yesterday.

She died shortly after being rushed to hospital with a broken arm and abdominal haemorrhaging and being told she had lost her baby.

Doctors called the police and Pancera was arrested at her home where he is believed to have left her critically injured.

He has been accused of aggravated murder, gender violence and abortion and remains in police custody.

Police said Zalazar had reported Pancera to cops for domestic abuse on two separate occasions, in October 2019 and in February of this year.

The suspect was issued a restraining order after the second incident but the couple eventually reconciled.

A family member of the victim, Antonella Zalazar, took to social media and said: “She is Micaela Zalazar, she was 27 years old, had two kids and was five months pregnant.

“He is Renzo Pancera, he killed her, took her life as if it wasn’t worth anything and took a mother away from two children.

Boxer arrested on suspicion of battering his pregnant girlfriend to death

“He beat her until she was unconscious, he broke her arm and killed her baby. Miki could not resist so much pain and left us.

“This bastard son of b*tch killed our Micaela and we have to make justice so this does not go unpunished.”

Both of Zalazar’s children come from different relationships and the children are now staying with their respective fathers.

The investigation is ongoing.