Boy, 3, died alone in agony after step-dad kicked him in the stomach

A little boy died after his stepfather kicked him in the stomach and left him in bed to die.

Nikita Soshkin is said to have been brutally beaten by his stepfather Sergey Lavrenov.

Police arrived at the boy’s house to see the child lying on his bed with clenched hands.

He cried and wiped the tears from his eyes.

The three-year-old’s organs were ruptured and a short time later he died of internal bleeding.

The horrific incident took place in the village of Presnovka, in the south of central Russia, in July this year. OM1 reported.

Lavrenov assaulted Nikita at home after he returned from a drinking session with friends, police said.

The drunk man kicked the boy in the stomach several times and then dragged him to his bedroom.

Nikita’s 23-year-old mother Nadezhda Soshkina, who has three other children, went to look at the boy eight hours later and discovered his lifeless body, a court heard.

She told the local media: “ I went to him (Nikita) to wake him up and put him on the potty, but his body was already cold. ”

According to Nikita’s grandmother Svetlana Lymar, the couple did not call the emergency services until a few hours later.

She said, ” Around 6 in the morning they found out the child was dead.

Then the mother wiped the body with a wet cloth and changed his dirty clothes.

Boy, 3, died alone in agony after step-dad kicked him in the stomach

She (Soshkina) cleaned her house and then called an ambulance.

“She told the paramedics the boy fell out of the swing.”

Forensics revealed that the boy died of internal bleeding after his small intestine was ruptured.

Soshkina later changed her testimony, investigators said.

The Omsk Regional Commission of Inquiry concluded: “ In the evening on July 28, the boy’s parents drank alcoholic beverages with their friends.

Boy, 3, died alone in agony after step-dad kicked him in the stomach

After returning home, the stepfather kicked the child in the stomach because it was crying.

The victim sustained serious injuries to his internal organs and died.

The boy’s mother, who was aware of his trauma, did not call emergency services or try to help him. ”

Boy, 3, died alone in agony after step-dad kicked him in the stomach

A week ago, Okoneshnikovsky’s court charged Sergey Lavrenov with deliberately causing serious bodily harm that resulted in death.

He was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison for the crime.

During the sentencing hearing, Lavrenov told judges, “ I didn’t want it to happen this way.

“Alcohol is to blame for everything.”

A neighbor said Lavrenov “didn’t like the boy and beat him up constantly”.

The man punished the child “for everything” with “the mother’s tacit consent,” said a villager.

Local officials threaten to strip Soshkina of her parental rights for her remaining three children, another son and two daughters, all under the age of five.