Boy, 5, cries when he realises he will grow up and have to move away from mum

A young boy has broken down in tears when he learned that he would have to move out from his mum’s house in the future.

Mum-of-two Caitlin Fladager, from British Columbia, Canada, caught the moment on camera when she and son Jack were watching television at home.

The 23-year-old had to explain to Jack that once children grow older they eventually move out, but Jack’s response was both heartbreaking and sweet at the same time.

In the footage Caitlin shared on Instagram, little Jack is tearing up while sipping from a juice box.

Caitlin asks Jack why he is crying and he turns to look at his mum and replies: “Because I don’t want to move out.”

Jack rubs his eye until Caitlin holds his hand and reassures him that he won’t have to move out for a long time.

Caitlin told her 329,000 followers in the post: “Jack and I were watching a show on TV. He asked about why the character doesn’t live at home with his mummy anymore.

“So I tried to explain to him that people usually move out of their mum’s house when they get older.”

Viewers called it “the sweetest thing ever” while others were keen to share their experiences in the comments.

Jack said he doesn't want to move out and wishes to stay with mum Caitlin

One said: “That’s probably the sweetest thing ever.”

A second added: “I cried watching this. My heart. I also have a mommas boy and I don’t think he will want to leave my house.”

And a third wrote: “My son gets anxiety about this often. He’s four years old. He also gets anxiety over the fact I will get old.

“It makes me very sad.”


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