Breastfeeding mum slams trolls who made sexual comments and said son 'too old'

A young mum has hit back at trolls who made sexual comments about her breastfeeding and others who said her nine-month-old son was “too old”.

Leah-Marie Britton posted a video online showing her breastfeeding her son Luca-James, as part of the #NormalizeBreastfeeding movement on social media.

The 21-year-old, who lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, with her 26-year-old British partner Jordan Ashley, from Birmingham, was shocked after receiving a cruel comment from a stranger who said her baby boy was “too old” to be breastfed.

Another troll suggested the breastfeeding movement was just about men “looking at some t***y”.

Now the inspirational mum is speaking out against the bullies to help break down negative attitudes towards breastfeeding and help other mothers who have experienced similar hurtful backlash.

Beauty therapist Leah-Marie said: “During the course of breastfeeding I have experienced many unexpected comments and remarks.

“I have gotten foul looks when feeding in public, especially the older he gets, and online, people are even worse as they have a screen to hide behind

“After posting a beautiful video feeding my son, someone said ‘Tad too old to be breastfeeding don’t you think, why not just give him a bottle?’

“And then I received a comment from another person saying, ‘I think it would just be some blokes looking at some t***y, why post a video of something like that in the first place?’

“Since posting these remarks online I have received hundreds of messages from other mothers who have experienced similar incidents when breastfeeding.

“Many women commented saying they have been told to feed their baby in the toilets or they need to cover up, or that baby is old to be breastfeeding.

“Some even said they gave up breastfeeding due to such incidents, which I feel is so unfair on both mother and baby.

“I was initially very angry that people can make remarks about a woman feeding her child.

“New mothers shouldn’t be afraid to feed their baby whenever and wherever they need, just because some uneducated individuals disagree.”

Leah-Marie said she is now posting more than ever about breastfeeding to help normalise and break down the stigma.

She added: “The breastfeeding journey for me has definitely been difficult to say the least but is extremely rewarding.

“As for any new mother it can be quite difficult from trying to learn about correct latching and constantly wondering if your little one is getting enough milk.

“You’re also learning to be comfortable with breastfeeding especially in front of people and feeding in public is also very difficult.

“As a new mother I experienced many different issues with feeding, from cracked nipples to serve cases of mastitis.

“I am super proud I have managed to feed him for nine months and will continue to do so until he is ready to wean.

“I have since used my platform to try and post more regularly and normalise breastfeeding, as it is something I am very passionate about.

“Breastfeeding has created a beautiful bond between me and my son and despite all the difficulties we have faced I wouldn’t change it for the world.”