Brit pilot, wife and two of her family killed as car plunges 246ft into ravine

A British pilot, his wife and two of her relatives were killed when their car drove down 246 feet in Gran Canaria.

The fatal accident occurred on a stretch of highway in Galdar, Las Palmas in the Spanish Canary Islands.

The pilot and his wife were on vacation from London, visiting her father in Gran Canaria.

All three died along with the woman’s daughter in the tragic crash.

The wreck was reported by a highway worker on Wednesday afternoon, but authorities believe the accident occurred 18 hours in advance.

One vehicle was involved in the fatal accident, but the exact cause is still under investigation.

The Emergency and Rescue Group (GES) was contacted after an employee noticed damage to concrete barriers placed in front of a steep ravine at the edge of the road.

Officers went to the area and confirmed that the vehicle had fallen 246 feet, killing all four occupants.

They were unable to rescue the bodies due to the terrain and weather conditions, making a helicopter or ground rescue far too risky.

Authorities plan to retrieve the bodies today, weather permitting.

The investigation is ongoing.