Brit’s warning after friend died on six-storey ‘walkway of death’ while in Magaluf

A heartbroken woman has shared a stark warning after her friend died on the ‘walkway of death’ while in Magaluf.

Natalie Cormack, 19, plunged to her death from the deadly balcony as she made her way home on the Spanish party island in April 2018.

Just months later, Thomas Channon, 18, and Tom Hughes, 20, both from Wales, were killed after falling at the same spot known locally as ‘the walkway of death.’

At more than 70ft high, the six-storey balcony is the entrance to the Eden Roc apartment complex popular among youngsters.

Natalie’s friend Georgia Hague, 26, now wants to prevent others from facing the same tragedy.

Brit's warning after friend died on six-storey 'walkway of death' while in Magaluf
Thomas Channon, 18, died falling 50ft from the walkway on holiday in Magaluf in July 2018

Then 24, Georgia had left the UK to work in a Magaluf bar after feeling like she was wasting her life away in an office job.

But less than four weeks after landing on the Spanish island, her closest friend and fellow bar worker Natalie fell off the walkway as she made her way home to the Eden Roc complex.

Georgia told of Natalie’s tragic death.

She said: “I was out doing my first season and Natalie was one of the first people I’d got to know out there.

“She died within weeks of me meeting her and it really affected me.

Brit's warning after friend died on six-storey 'walkway of death' while in Magaluf
Georgia quit her UK office job to have fun in Magaluf

“She was only 19. She was crazy, funny, friendly.

“I remember the day so clearly. She died at 6am but I didn’t find out until 5pm later that day.

“It had been a whole day but no one had mentioned it because her death just wasn’t the talk of the town.”

Georgia said many local people have a “blasé” attitude towards the shocking deaths.

She said: “The worst thing was that this was not shocking news to many Magaluf residents and workers who had been on the scene long before me.

“A lot of people would just shrug and say ‘oh yeah, balcony falls happen every year.’

Brit's warning after friend died on six-storey 'walkway of death' while in Magaluf
Thomas Channon’s parents John and Ceri spoke of their anger after what they said was an easily avoidable accident

“They were very kind of blasé about it as if it was just one of those things.

“The attitude was that she was far from the first and wouldn’t be the last.”

The Eden Roc hotel is set into the hill and the six storey walkway is accessed at street level.

Georgia highlighted the dangers of its low wall balcony where people often get confused thinking they can hop over the side, unaware of the sheer drop below – particularly at night.

She said: “Thomas actually died on his first night and I had actually met him very briefly to say hello.

“He had actually fallen and died at the same spot Natalie was killed so that was hugely upsetting.

“I still wish I’d had a chance to speak to him that night about what had happened to Natalie.”

Georgia considered returning home but eventually stayed on the Balearic island for two years and launched a campaign called “Don’t Leave a Friend Behind.”

She later supported the British Government campaign “Stick with your mates,” and featured in a video where she reached millions of young people.

In 2020, there have been no similar falls but Georgia pointed out there have also been far less tourists due to the pandemic.

But early statistics indicate her campaign has had a positive impact and her hard-hitting posters are credited with a reduction in balcony falls among British tourists.

Now back in Wrexham, she works as a treasury advisor for a bank and has earned a spot on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.